Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Brand New Me’ R

First up on this occasion, it’s Technology. Oh, yes, I figured you’d find that interesting! Let’s take a short look at what’s caught my eye this week. See:
- Gregs Success Signals Review from

A whole lot has been said about Yeah Yeah Yeahs too and you may want to dive in to find exactly what went down and why everybody was discussing it.
- “Following recent reports thatYeah Yeah Yeahsare to release a new album in the new year, the band have confirmed that a new record will indeed drop in Spring 2013. Previously there had been rumours thatLCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy (electronic musician) was producing the album in question, but he confirmed toHuffington Postthat this was not the case” said
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs confirm Spring 2013 release for new album from

Check out what these bloggers have to say, and be prepared for sparks!

That’s all for now, but be sure to stay tuned to this site for the next round-up. Don’t miss it

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