What Are Some Good Karaoke Songs?

What’s this week’s question? Let’s dive straight in…

Question: I’m doing the talent show this year and i’m not sure what songs to sing … i like country,rap,and pop. i would like a song thats up-to-date nothing like the beatles.. or anything like that. i can sing high-pitch too …. pleaseee help me !
Answer: well a popular song is just the way you are by bruno mars or demi lovato and selena gomez songs. also taylor swift. but its whatever suits your vioce and what u think is right.
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  1. Hope100
    November 23, 2010

    You have to find a song that fits well with your voice, not just something everyone knows. If you slaughter a song everyone knows, you’ll look twice as bad. Just turn on your radio and start singing a long with stuff, you’re bound to find something you can do comfortably.

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  2. Lio Cie
    November 23, 2010

    cross every river

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