Why is Karaoke Music Not by the Original Artists?

What’s this week’s karaoke question? Let’s dive straight in…

Question: Why is Karaoke Music Not by the Original Artists?
Answer: It has to do with copyright laws and the original artist’s wishes. The label also plays a part in this. Most of them don’t want the instrumental tracks being released for use as a voiceless track. Some artists might have instrumental releases on their singles, which can work for music tracks.
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  1. byrde94
    September 12, 2011

    I know that this answer will get me a LOT of thumbs down, from a few trolls with multiple IDs, which just proves my point.

    The original artist, knows that most music is stolen/pirated off the web these days.
    There is no reason for them to spend the time and money, to remix and remaster their music,
    so few pirates can steal it.

    There are way too many people that think that the musicians should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, to write, record, produce, and then remix produce, and master all over again,
    just so the pirates can steal it?

    Why do kids think that musicians and writers should work for free?
    Are THEY willing to work for free, for months, or longer?


    myfox gave a good answer


    As I predicted,
    a couple trolls with multiple IDs, don’t like my answer,
    because they don’t like the fact that I feel that musicians and writers should be paid for their work.

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