Kendrick Lamar announces tour, playing Day 1 of Downtown F

The Web is a gigantic and strange place. Addicting, yes, but still filled with lots of people writing (and doing) insane stuff. From the furthermost, unexplored, nether regions of the Web I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your head in disbelief. Here’s our list:

To begin, we begin with what everyone has been talking about this week about Lollapalooza. said this: “It looks like the 2013 lineup for Lollapalooza has leaked online … If that’s the case, then we can expect to see Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, and Vampire Weekend to headline this year’s installment

Tyler, The Creator has also been discussed pretty extensively recently, which is hardly surprising given recent events. Here are some of the blogs with spicy tales to tell.
- Premature Evaluation: Tyler, The Creator Wolf – “Is Tyler, The Creator really all that famous? … The final verse of “Oldie,” Odd Future’s massive and ecstatic 2012 Chainz posse cut, felt like the culmination of all that – Tyler suddenly, finally embracing the idea that he’s an important people, that entire throngs of high school kids are rearranging their own self-images around him and his ideas” – said
- New Music: Tyler, the Creator – ‘Wolf’ [Album Stream] from
- Watch Tyler, the Creator’s video for “IFHY” from

Now Kendrick Lamar is just hot like the Sahara sun, and we are fairly certain you want to know the details. Kendrick Lamar announces tour, playing Day 1 of Downtown Fest, collaborating w/ Miguel – “Like Pitchfork, we got excited when we saw Miguel Instagram the above photo of himself yesterday with Kendrick Lamar (who played Jimmy Kimmel last night)” – said Why don’t you check out this link for the inside information about it – Video: Kendrick Lamar Performs “Poetic Justice” On Jimmy Kimmel Live –
- Watch Kendrick Lamar Play Kimmel –

Check out what these bloggers have to say, and be prepared for sparks to fly!

That’s it folks. Funny place, the Internet is. Make sure to watch out for more links in the future.

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