Nicki Minaj Talks Falling Out with Mariah, ‘FakeR

The Web is a gigantic and bizarre place. Addicting, yes, but nevertheless filled with lots of people writing (and doing) silly stuff. From the farthest, unexplored, nether regions of the Web I bring you another links round-up that I’m sure will make you wonder, chuckle, or scratch your head in disbelief. Here’s our list:

To kick off, we start with what has been on everyone’s minds and lips recently about American Idol. said this: “With only one more week of “American Idol” left in the season, Nicki Minaj sat down with Ryan Seacrest for E! … She thought she and Mariah would get along, but instead, she ended up bonding with country star Keith Urban” This and more can be found in these links: Country Singer Kree Harrison Advances to ‘American Idol’ Finale from and American Idol Results: Who Made The Final 2? The Answer Might Shock You! from

The Lonely Island has been discussed pretty widely recently, and that is hardly surprising given recent events. Here are some of the blogs with spicy links for us.
- Lonely Island Release Spring Break/Gay Marriage Video With Ed Norton, James Franco – “The Lonely Island released a video today for their new single “Spring Break Anthem,” a video that mixes spring break hijinx with same-sex marriage and wedding planning … ” – said

That’s it folks. Funny place, the Internet is. Be sure to look out for more links sometime soon.

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