Download Daft Punk’s new single, “Get Lucky

Yes, it’s that time again – welcome to another packed round-up of links on Peter Gabriel to make you gasp, cringe, chuckle, and scream. Some may even do all those things at the same time!

To begin, we begin with what everyone has been talking about this week about Boston Marathon. said this: “– With the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing still at large early Friday morning, Gov. Deval Patrick ordered everyone in the city to stay home …

Another hot topic that has been subject to a lot of debate is Daft Punk. “At last, Daft Punk have officially shared the first track from their upcoming album Random Access Memories” said in Download Daft Punk’s new single, “Get Lucky” . You might want to look at this too and tell us what you think: Daft Punk, ‘Get Lucky (Feat. Pharell and Niles Rodgers)’ — Listen Now from

Lots of posts about Album cover. It’s been trending a whole lot recently.
- Legendary album art designer Storm Thorgerson, RIP – “Storm Thorgerson, whose album cover artwork includes Pink Floyd‘s The Dark Side of the Moon, has died aged 69, the band’s management has confirmed. A childhood friend of the founding members of the band, he became their designer-in-chief, fashioning a string of eye-catching creations” – said
- Storm Thorgerson Dead: Designer Behind ‘Dark Side’ Cover & More Dies –

That’s all for now, but you should definitely stay tuned to this site for the next summary. Don’t miss it

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