Blake Shelton Will Return for Season 5 of ‘The Voice

The Net is a huge and bizarre place. Addictive, yes, but still filled with lots of people writing (and doing) outrageous stuff. From the farthest, unexplored, nether regions of the Net I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your bonce in shock. Here’s the list:

First up on this occasion, it’s Mercury Lounge. Oh, yes, I thought you’d find that intriguing! Let us take a look at what’s caught my eye in the week. See:
- The National played Sycamore & Public Assembly (pics); Mercury Lounge is later tonight from

A whole lot has been said about Country music too and you may want to dive in to find exactly what happened and why everyone was talking about it.
- “New Country Music Releases – May 21st, 2013 May 21, 2013 by Scotty B Leave a Comment Track Listing:1” said

Moving on, you almost certainly won’t be surprised to find that I’ve been sifting through posts on Blake Shelton, bringing you the finest and tastiest links.
- Blake Shelton Will Return for Season 5 of ‘The Voice’ – “Blake Shelton will be there when the fifth season of NBC’s hit reality singing show ‘The Voice’ returns this fall” – said
- Blake Shelton Plans Tornado Benefit TV Special –

I’m certain you have an opinion on Toby Keith – who doesn’t, right?
- Toby Keith Says His Hometown of Moore, Oklahoma ‘Will Perservere’ After Deadly Tornado – “The F4 tornado that cut a path through Moore, Oklahoma on Monday has left at least 24 dead and many more injured. Families, including the family of country’s own Toby Keith, are spending the days following coming to terms with the tragedy and the debris left behind … Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood all have Oklahoma roots” – said Have a look at what these blog writers have to say, and be ready for sparks to fly!

There you have it folks. Crazy place, the Internet is. Be sure to watch out for more links coming soon.

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